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Start sending OTPs worldwide instantly

Verigator is a turnkey solution for sending one-time passwords

No time-consuming registration processes
SMS, Viber, and WhatsApp
Improved performance by up to 30%

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How Verigator Works

Verigator is used by leading companies in finance, cybersecurity, logistics, and more

Instantaneous time-to-market

With Verigator’s pre-registered sender name and message templates, you can send OTPs right away to virtually anywhere in the world.

Access to the most complicated regions

Multiple channels are available (SMS, WhatsApp, Viber and counting) to ensure you reach your ultimate goal – OTPs being delivered to recipients' handsets even in the most complex markets.

Automatic fall-back to ensure deliverability

Verigator prefers OTT channels for enhanced message deliverability as it bypasses mobile operators via the internet. If the apps are unavailable, it reverts to SMS.

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